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Axir Group provides ICT consultancies, Staffing solutions, along with Media and Tourism services across the EMEA region.


Clients from all over the world consider Axir Group as a crucial partner for their success in their recepective Industries.


Innovation, Trust, Partnership and Ethical business practices are core values of Axir Group.


We Serve

Axir Group works with leading ICT players, Health Organisations, Governmental institutions, Media Agencies and Tour Operators.


Our clients consider our staff as an extended work force to their teams.


We strive hard to deliver results on time, on budget, and on value.



AXIR Services spring from our experience in diverse technology practices and from our capacity to identify and analyze trends in our client's markets. We deliver substantial & complex projects on time.



Turnkey Projects

Consulting, Strategy & Management




Axir Consulting has become the trusted partner to carry out telecom assignments in Consulting, Strategy and Management for our clients in both the Developed and Emerging Markets.


We have a select team of seasoned professionals who have many years of knowledge and experience in their telecom domains. 


Right people at Right places’ is the fundamental part for success of any organization. Axir is your partner to achieve excellence in your Recruitment Drive at all levels.


Our views on recruitment are not just filling the positions and billing the client. Finding the right Candidate is more than just matching the skills and years of experience.


Our team is a global, leading, knowledge-driven and specialized to carry out fast, flexible and end-to-end telecom turnkey projects for our global customers. 


These comprehensive recruitment solutions focused on quality, sustainability and Partnership rather than short-term gains.


We believe that travel and tourism should be carefully planned and managed to meet the expectations of a hassle-free journey.


We aim to provide accessible and memorable inbound and outbound travel to and from the GCC. 


Besides our publishing platform Yourpress.io Axir Group provides media solutions ranging from digital marketing to corporate publishing and media consultancy. 


Our experienced media team works closely with each and every client to ensure success of their projects.



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