The team is very proactive in searching for talent globally. They do not wait for job applications but search for talent. A lot of effort is put in to match the role with the career ambition of the candidate. The candidate gets enough information about the job, company and country so he can make an informed choice about the job. The candidate is asked several times if he is sure to go ahead with accepting the job offer. No pressure is put on the candidate to force him to make a decision. Once the job offer is taken up the consultants make a follow up to find out how they are settling in their new job. The customer management is excellent.
Jetty Lungu



I highly recommend Axir Consulting agency. Axir is very professionnel, serious and friendly. They are always following me and giving all support needed.
Nadia Grira
Orange, Tunisia



"I highly recommend Axir Consulting for your job recruiting needs. Axir is an exceptional and highly professional Expat recruitment agency and I will recommend them to any organization or individual at all times. They are highly skilled in identifying the best talents, nurtures them and presents them to potential employers. Thank you for your excellent assistance throughout the recent hiring process for my position at Digicel as Head of Data. Your approach, advice, and insights were invaluable to me and contributed to my being selected for the position. You made me feel as if I was your main priority based on dedication to my course and communicating with you at every step in the process was always useful. You guys still kept in touch after i got the offer to find out how i fared with lots of words of encouragement to success in my new role. You're simply the best i've come across and a very big thanks to team Axir"
David O. Mba



Axir is a fantastic recruitment agency. The recruiter articulated the role well and I found it was a perfect match for the job. Even after I had started the job they were there to offer tips on living in the country. It was a great experience altogether.



Sandeep has been an excellent consultant, and knowledgeable. He was continuously following up from the day he called me to discuss about the job till the day I got hired. Very friendly! and very professional agency to work with! Thanks
Mohamed Hasan Adnan



I had a 2 months mission with Axir in Ethiopia and I'm very happy to work with this company. The staff is very responsible and supportive. Will be glad to work with them again. Thanks
Paruyr Hakobyan



Really Good Agency to work with. I will recommend it to telco professionals. Excellent team with great working standards.
Miodrag Bakic



"Axirconsulting had provided me excellent service during my contracting period in NSN India.They had treated me very well since the first time I landed in India. They had provided me excellent transportation,accomodation and guider service.It was very helpful so that I could fully focus in my main roles in NSN India. In addition,the offered package was very competitive.And now, it's been almost 2 years since I finished contract with them, but their community manager is still available to support me.I wish best luck to the Axir Consulting's entire team"
Thalut Firmansyah



Ashish Savita



Very Good
Naji Ghanem



I like the way they set thing here
Onoyivwe Richard
L M Ericsson Nig



I got chance to get contract job via Axir in 2010. It was satisfactory exeperience from starting to end. And they were always supporting and committed to Contractor's satisfaction.
Ashok Kumawat



Axir consulting recently involved me in one of the 3G rollouts for Asia. It has been great working on this project and Axir have really helped me throughout,and always there to discuss any details if needed, including making sure payment is always on time and catching up to see how things are going. I would definitely use Axir again, and recommend to any other contractors as well : )
Joe Bronkhorst
Implementations rollout consultant



I faced some problems at first regarding my contract. And Salary transaction was bit late. But Axir's prompt help solved my issues. Generally I feel good about working with Axir. I would like work again in the future with Axir
Selim Dilek
RF Design Engineer, GCB Services, USA



Currently, I'm senior consultant marketing-telecom in a mission of Axir since more than 11 months. I was every times surprised by the professionalism of the staff for contract, payment, insurance, extension...even more, they are too generous to pay me in advance or in behalf of me before getting the confirmation from the customer. Special thanks to Axir golden team's I knew: Mark, Rony and Pierre. Our adventure is continuing and I recommend them strongly for any recruiter who's looking for candidates in a good conditions.
Emir Benzerkouna
Marketing Expert, Middle East



All Axir pages and communities are nicely done, I liked the fact that they take extra efforts to nurture the consultant's network they have. The active interface in linkedin its different from all other consulting companies pages, the only comment Ii could have is to make it a bit less crowded, Their twitter and Facebook updates keep us informed about the latest industry happenings. Thanks for this wonderful work.
Gabriel Chalhoub
Core Network Auditor, Algeria Telecom



Axir Consulting is good and fair team. During my association with them everything was delivered and help was provided when needed.
Imad Mahmoud
Core Network, PS Expert, Ericsson



I have worked with Axir for two months in Tunisia in the period between 2009/2010. The major concern for the consultant is to get paid on time and to get the necessary help in a strange country for him, I can say honestly that Axir was more than professional in that and giving all the support needed for me during that period as it was impossible for me to extend my stay in Tunisia for another month without Axir's big assistance.
Louey Khodari
Senior Radio Network Optimizer



I worked through AXIR Consulting from 2009 - 2010 as Rollout Manager. During this time I found that AXIR Consulting especially Mark Hallatt were very professional, helpful and courteous at all times. I would put AXIR Consulting as one of the best agency that I ever worked for in 16 years of contracting in GSM Telecoms. I wish AXIR well for the future and look forward to contracting with them again.
Pat Gorman
Independent Telecom Consultant, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.



I have been a Candidate twice and employed twice with Axir Consulting. They have given me first class service and recruited me for leading companies. They are a high calibre recruitment company And I am happy to represent them across the Globe.
Gordon Rees
Current Mobile: Ethiopia