General Job Tips:

Using Recruiter in Job Search

This article will explain to you the benefits of using recruiters. Recruiters must be a part of your job search and will provide results that you may not achieve on your own. It covers the following fundamentals: A) Why use recruiters? , The advantages. B) How to effectively work with recru...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Tips to moving form Temp to Perm Hiring

This Article covers tips and ideas on how to best prepare you to turn that temporary job into a full time permanent position. Temporary work is a good way to earn cash and can lead to a permanent position if you play your cards right. With the right approach you may land a job you never even appl...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Tips to Minimizing Job Hunting Stress

This article gives you some common sense advice and tips on how to overcome job hunting stress. The job hunt is not an easy process and being in between jobs just adds more stress to your life. Who needs that? While you may not be able to get rid of all the stress, you can eliminate a lot of it. ...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Tips for writing \'Thank you\' letter

It is proper business etiquette to send thank you letter, but many people overlook this matter of courtesy. A thank you letter can make you stand out from the other candidates competing for jobs, and in this tight job market, it is wise to consider every tool that will give you an advantage. ...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Surviving a Layoff

This article gives you eight MUST know tips on effectively surviving a layoff.   Fact: Losing a job is one of the most stressful life events. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. With this in mind, you will need a good action plan in order to recover as quickly as possible fr...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Keeping a Job Search Confidential

This article gives you some great advice on conducting a confidential job search. When economic conditions improve, it means companies will be looking for more workers, which means you might be looking for a better job. However, you can't just forget about the job you have or let your em...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Interpreting Job Postings

Job postings are available in many formats and if you are not careful, you may eliminate yourself as a possible applicant by not interpreting the job posting for what it really conveys. Learning how to interpret these four components of job postings is the first step to successfully applying for ...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Email Tips for Job Seekers

This article gives you eight MUST know tips on using email effectively in your job search. Most people take the power of email for granted. For most people that is okay, but for job searchers, your email form and content is an expression of yourself. It’s IMPORTANT that you cover the email ...  Read More

General Job Tips:

Benefits of Temporary Jobs

This article gives job seekers some reminders on the benefits of temporary jobs.To many people, a temporary position does not sound very appealing. Some consider temp jobs to be unskilled labor, tedious work, or just a waste of time. People with this negative attitude towards temporary positions ...  Read More

Career Map:

Creating a personal Career Map

Whether you are unemployed or have an unfulfilling job, you probably suffer from an ailment that plagues many people: career disorientation. You are not where you want to be professionally. Somewhere along the road to professional happiness you veered off course and lost your way. If you are driv...  Read More